WOTC 28-Day Deadline Explained

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal program, and it is administered at a state level via State Workforce Agencies who handle the review, processing and distribution of certifications (or denials). State Agencies require employers, or service providers like WOTC.com, submitting WOTC applications to them to do so within 28 days of the employee’s start date. This is to ensure timely processing of qualified applicants due to the large volume of applications that the states receive.

By not submitting your WOTC applications within the 28-day time frame, you can easily miss out on thousands of dollars on tax credits.

Our advice to all employers:

Whether your company is currently experiencing rapid growth, anticipating future growth, or just has frequent new hires, WOTC.com can assist your human resources professionals in developing a process that can provide a significant advantage to your bottom line each year.

Going forward, include the WOTC paperwork as part of your onboarding process. When you hire someone new and have them complete their I-9, W-4, Employment Agreement etc. include the 8850, and 9061 forms. To prevent any potential discrimination include the forms for ALL employees, not just the employees you think will qualify.

Coupled with our team of tax experts, this approach makes claiming the WOTC Tax Credit easy by managing the entire process for you, including pre-screening, certification, filing, calculations and reporting.

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