An Important Message Regarding the Future of the CDPAP Program

NY Governor Cuomo is looking to end the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) as we know it today. Long story short:

  1. This budget will repeal the law that made CDPAP and replace it with a stripped down version that eliminates 9 out of every 10 FIs in the state. 
  2. The ultimate goal is to move to ONE FI for all of New York. So if your FI is one of the 10% that survives initially, it will not be around long.
  3. If your FI opened its doors after January 1, 2012 or is not an independent living center – it will be out of business immediately.
  4. If the federal government does not approve the new version of this law, there will be no CDPA at all.
  5. Even if the program gets through Washington, in an unprecedented move, the new law gives the Commissioner of Health absolute power in determining it’s continued existence. The benefit could stop immediately at any time if they do not think the reimbursement they are getting is “adequate.”

This definitely requires everyone to get involved. Contact us at WOTC.com for more information.

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