Operating A Business In New York State Can Help Your
Bottom Line

The NY Youth Jobs Program Will Give You $7,500
For Each Eligible New Hire!

Learn More About The NY Youth Jobs Program:

First launched in 2012, the goal of the New York Youth Jobs Program is to help young people entering the world of work have a successful start.

Participants receive critical workforce skills that will serve them well into their careers, and participating businesses receive tax credits upwards of $7,500 per eligible hire.

NY Youth Consultants at WOTC.com understand your specific needs!


  • Easy NY Youth Submissions
  • English & Spanish Versions
  • Accurate and NYS Compliant
  • Fully Automated System
  • Free API Integration
  • HIPAA and PCI Compliant
  • Maximum Tax Credit Results
  • Instant Processing System
  • Full CPA Support
  • Premier Customer Service

Success Story

WOTC.com has provided a new revenue stream through tax credits that we were not taking advantage of prior. Since utilizing WOTC.com our company has seen an influx of cash flow that has allowed us to grow the operations of our base business.

– Kristina Raffa, Companion Care of Rochester
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