As of January 1, 2021, ERC Tax Credits have been greatly expanded to help employers, and can now be claimed by companies that participated in the Paycheck Protection Program.

Learn How Recently Enacted Federal and State Tax Credits & Incentives Could Save Employers Thousands of Dollars!

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Employee Retention Credit – ERTC

Paid Family Leave Credit (PFL)

Paid Sick Leave Credit

Family First Coronavirus Act – FFCRA Payroll Benefits

Qualified Health Plan Reimbursements

WOTC and Veteran Credit Adjustments

PPP Loan Adjustments

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WOTC.com is a nationwide professional tax credit services firm comprised of respected industry experts with a passion to help you improve the value of your business. We work with senior business leaders and CPA firms to reduce tax liabilities by diligently following the tax code.


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Success Story

Just look at our client, 'PT Staffing, a medical staffing firm with locations in NY, NJ, MA, OH, KY, & T'. In 2016, WOTC.com got 175 employees certified, in the NY location alone. This resulted in qualifying PT Staffing of NY for over $210,000.00 in Federal WOTC tax credits. There were additional WOTC credits for the other locations as well. Imagine what WOTC.com can do for your company.

-Zach Collett, WOTC.com Consultant