COVID-19 Relief for Your Business

Establishing Your Short Term and Long Term Business Recovery Plans

Planning for short-term relief from COVID-19 has been a top priority for many business owners impacted by this pandemic. The U.S. government has been planning relief for businesses through refundable payroll tax credits, $350 Billion Dollars in forgivable loans, and more. However, as a business owner, it is also important that you focus on long-term recovery. can help your business get immediate and long term relief.

Short Term:

  • Payroll Tax Credits: A refundable tax credit is equal to 100% of qualified family and sick leave wages an employer pays to virus impacted employees.

  • Forgivable Loans: Over $350 Billion Dollars in loans available to business owners that apply before June 30, 2020, and retain their workers on payroll for the entire period.

Long Term:

  • WOTC Tax Credits: The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is available to employers who hire employees that have faced a barrier to employment. The WOTC credit averages $2,400.00 per eligible employee.

  • State Tax Credits: State Credits and Incentives specific to hiring and COVID-19 Relief in your state.

COVID-19 Assistance Timeline

March 11, 2020
WHO Declares
Coronavirus a Pandemic
April 2, 2020
Tax Credits for Paid Sick and PFL Goes Into Effect
June 30, 2020
Deadline to Apply for Government Loan
July 15, 2020

IRS Tax Filing Deadline

December 31, 2020
Paid Family and Sick Leave Provisions Expire
January 2, 2021

Claim Your WOTC Tax Credits is here to help your business navigate through this difficult time.

COVID-19 Services Include:

  • WOTC State Tax Credits
  • Empowerment Zone Credits
  • COVID-19 Paid Family and Sick Leave Credits
  • COVID-19 Payroll Tax Credits
  • COVID-19 Retention Credits
  • COVID-19 Business Loan Assistance

Risk Free Assistance is Available!

There are no upfront costs or fees to utilize our services.


Click here to register for COVID-19 Relief Services. has a team of COVID-19 tax relief specialists ready to assist you. We are integrated with many Applicant Tracking and Onboarding Software Systems to simplify the process. Call us at 212-635-9500 ext. 202 to get started.
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